Dental Crowns

A dental crown restores a full smile and mouth function when you have a damaged tooth. While this dental solution benefits the tooth integrity and oral health, it also provides a cosmetic benefit when we use a porcelain or ceramic crown that mimics the look of natural teeth.

We offer dental crowns as part of our cosmetic dentistry services at Reed Family Dental. This type of permanent restoration focuses on fixing a dental problem while prioritizing the final appearance of the tooth.

When Is a Tooth Crown Used?

Our dentist, Dr. Allison Reed, may recommend a dental crown for a tooth that is cracked, chipped, decayed, broken or discolored. If the tooth cannot be restored with bonding or a filling, Dr. Reed can turn to a crown, which covers the damaged tooth with a natural-looking false tooth.

This cover improves the look while bringing back the strength of the tooth. A weakened tooth could worsen through chewing, but a crown protects it to prevent further damage. It allows you to keep some of the natural tooth and the root, which benefits your jaw structure, bite and overall oral health. 

A dentist may also use a crown as part of another dental service. For example, a crown can top an implant, which provides a replacement tooth root to go with the crown when the natural tooth is missing. Crowns make up a bridge, which fills in a gap of missing teeth. A crown can also finish a root canal to provide more stability to the treated tooth.

How Does the Crown Process Work?

The crown dental service begins with preparation. Our team takes impressions of the natural tooth and mouth for the creation of the restoration. Also, our dentist removes damaged parts of the tooth and shapes it so the crown can fit over it. You wear a temporary crown while your permanent restoration is being created.

Our innovative office includes an iTero scanner, which is advanced dental technology that allows our team members to take digital impressions. This state of the art tool brings the field of dentistry forward, as it replaces the old, uncomfortable method of taking impressions with a new one that is comfortable, quick and highly accurate. These impressions give the blueprint for custom-fitted dental crowns made to fit the shape and size of your natural tooth and blend in with the rest of your teeth.

When the restoration is ready, Dr. Reed removes the temporary crown and installs the new one with cement, making it a permanent part of your mouth. She adjusts the restoration as needed to ensure you get the right fit and you feel comfortable.

How Do I Care for a Dental Crown?

Crowns become a permanent part of your mouth, and you can treat them as such within your oral hygiene routine. This means that for the most part, care for a crown like a natural tooth. Brush it and floss around it at least twice a day, and follow any other care tips our team offers you.

These restorations last for a long time with proper care. During regular exam and cleaning visits, our team members professionally clean the tooth along with the others and check to make sure the dental crown is staying in place and in good condition.

Make a Consultation Appointment

During a dental exam or consultation visit, Dr. Reed checks for signs of problems with a tooth, in which case she may recommend a crown. Alternatively, let her know if you notice a concern with a tooth or you would like to improve its appearance.

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