Implant Restoration

A dental implant provides a permanent replacement for a missing tooth. These restorations have many benefits, including maintaining your bite and jaw structure with the help of a replacement tooth root. The one challenge you may face with an implant is the tooth replacement component becoming worn or damaged.

If this happens, the team at Reed Family Dental is here to help. We offer implant restorations that bring your implant back to its full working order and restore your smile.

What Is an Implant Restoration?

This type of restorative dentistry is used to repair or replace the tooth replacement part of an implant, which is attached to the titanium screw acting as a replacement tooth root. In most cases, the screw will stay in place, while we work on restoring the tooth replacement piece. 

Depending on your individual situation, there could be a crown, bridge or denture attached to the implant. These tooth replacement pieces can become damaged in time, just as a natural tooth can. You may experience regular wear and tear from chewing over time, or the false tooth may face an injury that breaks, cracks or chips it. 

Problems with the tooth replacement affect the tooth’s appearance and also its function. You may experience pain or other symptoms, and it’s also possible for the replacement to fall out. Our office can solve the problem to address symptoms and restore your mouth health.

How Is an Implant Restored?

Our dentist, Dr. Allison Reed, bases her treatment on your specific situation. She starts with an exam to determine the problem with the crown, bridge or denture. Dr. Reed gains a full understanding of the problem and discusses treatment options with you, ensuring you are comfortable before she moves forward.

Our dentist aims to repair the piece if possible. For example, she may be able to fix a small crack. In cases when the damage is beyond repair, she turns to replacement as the best solution. This process involves removing the tooth replacement from the implant and installing a new piece to restore full working order.

Does Implant Restoration Include Surgery?

In the majority of cases, this type of restoration only involves the piece attached to the implant and not the implant itself. This means that no surgery would be necessary for a restoration, as Dr. Reed can simply remove the piece from its abutment and reattach a new one. The restoration process is much easier than the initial installation of the implant.

There may be rare cases when the implant itself would need replacement. This situation is not likely. It may happen if the jawbone does not fuse to the implant as it should, but dental implants have a high success rate overall.

Receive a Consultation

During regular exams and cleaning appointments, our dentist takes a look at your restoration and lets you know if it has any problems, just as she does with your natural teeth. Nonetheless, reach out to make an appointment if you experience a broken restoration or another problem. Contact our receptionist at 740-622-5695 to make an appointment.